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Story script

You are an aspiring astronaut who is hoping to be picked for a space ex around our solar system.

If you prove that you are a worthy astronaut for the mission you have dreamed about since your childhood, you will be sent on a rollercoaster ride around the solar system. Not everything will go as smoothly as your space ex team would hope.

P.S. I wish you all the best on your adventures sir.

Rationale behind the game:

I chose the Maze style of game because of its simplicity, its addictive play style and the ability to add a relatively deep story line to the game.

These three elements make a good basic game for both the creator and the players.

Firstly the simplicity. The ease of making maze games allows the creator to focus on the more important aspects such as the game flow. I was able to make all the sprites, the objects, the actions, the background and the level design all in one night and now I can dedicate the rest of my time on the game play.

Secondly its addictive playstyle. Even why I am debugging the game I lose track of time and just keep playing, such a game is much more fun to play than any other. My family and friends have also tried out this game and I have to watch them play for half an hour because of their persistent attitude towards the game.

Finally, the deep storyline. I am focusing on the rest of the story line as I believe that this can make or break a game. The reason I believe that the storyline is so critical is because without one a game feels kind of pointless to play. A good storyline will make the player want to get to the end and will immerse the player in the game.

Install instructions

To play this game I believe you will need to have game maker on your computer.


Space Ex.exe 4 MB

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